Shop Lead Technician

  • Full-Time
  • At client locations
  • Minimum Experience: 5 or more years as a gas compressor mechanic with prior experience

Roto-Versal is looking for Shop Lead Technician.
Shop Lead Technicians are required to have excellent working knowledge of natural gas engines, compressors, and controls systems.
Technicians should have an extensive and thorough operational and mechanical background pertinent to the oil and gas industry.
The Technician will have a strong working knowledge on all Caterpillar and Waukesha engines while providing commissioning, mechanical, diagnostic and analytical skills in a customer service-based environment, as well as the ability to mentor and lead fellow employees.
We're interested in filling this position on a full-time basis.

What you'll do:

  • Performs maintenance, repair and refurbishment of gas compression equipment at a make-ready shop
  • Proficient on electrical systems (i.e., panel boards, skid wiring, etc.)
  • May assist and provide preventive and corrective field mechanical service on gas compression equipment on site at client locations
  • Maintain proficiency to accurately and efficiently diagnose all mechanical and electrical problems
  • Demonstrated ability to perform overhauls on engines and compressors with no supervision
  • Maintain and grows customer relations
  • Represent company in a professional manner
  • May be responsible for maintaining a company vehicle
  • Adhere to all company and government HSE regulations
  • Attend required HSE meetings
  • Assist with other duties and assignments as needed
  • Manage time and schedule
  • Assist other mechanics
  • Complete and submit all documentation promptly
  • Maintain accurate record keeping
  • May respond to emergency calls 24/7 coverage
  • Schedule projects and work for Make Ready Technicians and Engine Rebuild Technicians
  • Order parts for jobs and ability to quote projects
  • Provide all basic hand tools. (Company will provide all specialty tooling)
  • Have a valid driver's license and a good driving record

What we're looking for:

  • OEM Training Certificates
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Minimum of 5 or more years as a gas compressor mechanic with prior experience working with engines, gas compressors and/ or production equipment
  • Thorough knowledge of compressor packages including all component and systems
  • Qualified on all engines/drivers (Caterpillar, Waukesha, Cummings)
  • Qualified on all compressor frames (Ariel, Dresser-Rand, Superior, Ajax)
  • Qualified on all controls system and electronics (Altronic, FW Murphy, Allen Bradley)
  • Detailed understanding of the mechanical aspects of reciprocating and rotary screw natural gas compressors
  • Detailed understanding of the mechanical aspects of natural gas powered engines and electric motors
  • Detailed understanding of engine, compressor and emission control equipment
  • Detailed understanding of the electronic control systems of natural gas compressors and engines
  • Thorough understanding of compression and gas production-related equipment
  • Thorough understanding and technical knowledge of gas compression sizing/applications 
  • Accustom to driving and working in inclement weather conditions for extended periods

Roto-Versal is a rapidly growing independently held private mechanical service company.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and quality craftmanship.

For nearly a decade, Roto-Versal has performed mechanical service work in the natural gas compression market.

Our management team has over 250 years combined expertise in installation, repair and maintenance on oil and gas systems.

We offer a competitive salary and excellent benefits